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Centrifuge / Separator


Power Plant Equipments


Marine Equipments


Waste Oil Treatment


Electrical Division

Quality Systems

Quality department is the core department of UGR Energy Trading. Our quality system has made an unswering effort to produce High quality, Reliable, Emphasis perfect product at competitive prices. We put more emphasis on Quality and Development than sales, with such an emphasis and based on our Accumulated know how and adaptation of new technology, we have in co-ordination with our vendors. Constructed the state of art production system. Ranging from design and processing to assembly. In addition our products are guaranteed by a thorough in company quality warranty system.

We give free six months warranty on spares with free Replacement.


Develop Clear Understanding within the company about the requirement of quality Products and Services. To Further improve capabilities of the organisation for quality planning , Process Improvements , proper allocation of Available Resources and develop quality systems , to develop confidence regarding our capability of achieving desired products , services and quality confirming to specified systems.

Management Responsibility

Purchasing sales and supply of spares for marine field at a high quality and according to requirements, customer specification, and expectations. While making a commitment to continuously improve the effectiveness of the management responsibility toward customers as well as satuatory and regulatory requirement.
The management views the quality, costs and meeting time schedules as important parameters for Achieving customer Satisfaction.

Staff / Human Resource

There is more than 20 staff in the company. More than 70% of the staff are professional technical with middle and senior technical degree. Majority of our staff have been working with companies like Alfa Laval , Tata Motor, Atlas Copco Etc in the past so have required experience.

The organisation is headed by senior carrier management staff with high overall business quality, good, professional morality, and reasonable employee age structure to lay the solid foundation for sustainable, rapid, healthy development growth.
Such committed dedication and expertise benefits to customer in every day relation.

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